Sue Duroncelet

Bloomfield, NJ, USA

Sue Duroncelet, a seasoned therapist rekindling her passion for photography, enjoys capturing the beauty of the world through her lens. After developing and nurturing a private practice in California, Sue has now embarked on an exciting new chapter of her life surrounded by the captivating landscapes of Portugal.

With a lifelong affinity for photography, Sue has always found inspiration in capturing unique moments. Her lens becomes a portal to different cultures, allowing her to showcase the diverse beauty of the world.

Throughout her career, Sue has continually challenged herself, pushing the boundaries of her creativity both professionally and through various photo challenges. Whether it’s experimenting with new techniques or finding innovative perspectives, she constantly seeks to elevate her craft and capture truly breathtaking images.

Since retiring and moving to Portugal, Sue has found a sense of fulfillment in capturing the stunning landscapes and vibrant culture of her new home. Every photograph becomes a testament to the rich history and breathtaking beauty that surrounds her.