Sarah Landis

New York, USA

Sarah’s love of photography goes back to her time in university when she took black and white darkroom classes at the Maryland Institute College of Art while earning a BA at The Johns Hopkins University. For her the darkroom was magical place where time stood still. While working as a financial journalist in New York City, she studied photojournalism at the International Center for Photography, but put down her camera after starting her family.

During the pandemic, a local photographer invited her to participate in a 30-day photography challenge, which sent her out looking for beauty during that scary and disorienting time and rekindled her passion for creating images. In 2021, her move to Portugal further fed her passion, with photography becoming a reason to explore her hew home deeply. For Sarah, the camera continues to be a tool through which to see the world, and also to create what she wants to see, by carefully framing her subject, looking for the light, and juxtaposing contrasting images.

Current projects include documenting her life in Portugal, capturing her town of Cascais in the midst of transition and gentrification, and creating environmental portraits commenting on our changing world and the need for us all to work together to face our biggest challenges. Sarah also plays double bass in the Orquestra Académica da Universidade de Lisboa.

See more of Sarah Landis’s work on Instagram at @sarahlandisphotography.