Lara Williams

Colorado, USA

Lara first dabbled in photography during her middle school years, using her father’s 35mm film camera to capture black and white images that spoke to her, and then developing those images in her school darkroom. She continued to pursue the art over many years, primarily documenting her adventures throughout the world. During her younger years Lara studied, and then worked abroad in France, the United Kingdom and the Czech Republic, just after the Velvet Revolution.

With the advent of digital cameras she jumped back into photography. Her father was an accomplished landscape and macro photographer and his love of the art gave her motivation and inspiration. When her father passed away, Lara inherited his full kit of digital equipment and began a journey to truly build her understanding and skills. The downtime imposed upon us all during the pandemic served as an opportunity for her to dig deeper into all aspects of the art, and she considers it the one silver lining of that time.

Lara’s love of black and white photography is undiminished. She gravitates toward abstract and contemplative photos, and often will seek out and capture the less-noticed and grittier side of life to tell stories that might otherwise be left untold. Current projects include creating a collection of street art photos from cities around Europe, as well as documenting the extraordinary in the ordinary of her adopted Portuguese town. When she isn’t working on learning the Portuguese language or creating new images, you’re likely to find her hiking, cycling, or exploring a new city or town.

See more of Lara Williams’s work on Instagram at @llwmsonthego.