Headshot of Kumidini Hajra

Kumudini Hajra

Mumbai, India

Kumudini Hajra was born in India and has lived in Switzerland and Portugal. Her interest in photography began a decade back while on a trek in Nepal in the Mount Everest region. Professionally, she has been an economist specializing in financial sector policy and regulation. Her work involved travel, allowing her to focus on street photography and improving her photography skills. She pursues landscape photography enjoying long exposure photography and also has done wildlife photography in Africa. Kumudini is an avid traveller and uses every opportunity for photography during travels and in Portugal where she lives. 

During the pandemic, Kumudini developed interest in analog photography and started shooting 35 mm and 120 film. Most of these photographs have been shot in Portugal. As a new mode, analog photography remains a “work-in-progress” for her.

Kumudini is also an artist. She develops prints with etching technique and paints abstract landscapes using ink, charcoal and watercolor. She is experimenting combining her photography and artistic skills to produce visual art.

See more of Kumudini Hajra’s work on Instagram at @notmystreet/ and @notmystreet.film/.