Anna Rinoldi

Anna Rinoldi

Luino, Italy

Anna Rinoldi was born and raised in northern Italy where she studied and worked most of her life. Always the traveler looking for new enriching experiences, she moved with her family to Portugal in 2019 and now resides in Cascais. 

Anna always had a strong calling for photography but left it unheard for many years, juggling life travelling around the world as a flight attendant, settling to a rather tedious office life, running her own business in real estate, and, last but not least, heart-pounding motherhood. It was only once having moved to Portugal, however, that she finally had the chance to fulfill her dream. In Lisbon Anna attended the Portuguese Institute of Photography, where she consolidated her technical skills and refined her conceptual approach to shooting. Her latest academic endeavor is a project-course at the Atelier de Lisboa, where she is developing her own narrative and body of work on family photography.

Anna’s interests gravitate mostly towards portraiture with a sharp documental approach and a definite interest towards capturing life in the making. She creates images not only to preserve our memories, but mostly to create a sense of identity and belonging. They are a tool for change and consciousness.

See more of Anna Rinoldi’s work on Instagram at @anna_rinoldi.