Large boulders in the ocean at sunset

Cascais Fotógrafas

A photography group for women based in Cascais, Portugal

What We Do

An international group of female photographers supporting each other

Cascais Fotógrafas is a diverse group of women from varied backgrounds with a shared love of photography, living in Cascais, Portugal. We collaborate to help each other continue to learn and develop our craft.

We often shoot together, arrange photo walks and closed shoots with models. We help assist each other, create workshops on various elements of photography, from lighting to post production. We also provide each other with feedback and advice.

Cabo Raso Lighthouse

Photo Walks

We select visually interesting locations in Cascais, as well as the larger Lisbon region and Sintra and set out, usually with a focus, such as long exposure captures or street photography. We open these walks to the community, sharing both advice and the screens on the backs of our cameras. These walks are a great way to explore our home more deeply, try new photographic techniques, and to make new connections.


Our members’ interests drive our workshops. From lighting to post production, and everything in between, we have deep knowledge and experience among our members and we create and host small collaborative workshops.

long exposure light painting

Photo Shoots

Most of our members are working on personal projects or have a long list of places or concepts they want to shoot. We arrange shoots and invite members to join us. We help each other scout locations, find models, style the shoot, source props, and bring any necessary equipment, like lighting.

Interested in joining us on a photo walk? Like our images and want to contact one of our members? Drop us a message at

We would like to thank the Freguesia de Cascais e Estoril for hosting a group exhibition of our work, 26 January – 24 February 2024. Our digital catalog is available here.